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Lofoten - Autumn 2020


As a nature and landscape photographer, there are some places that are very special. Places you just have to photograph. Lofoten is one of those places, and now my turn has finally come.


After several months of planning, the day is here for me to be in Lofoten for 6 days just to take photos. In all these months, I have prepared myself by mapping photo locations, assessing the time of day and current weather conditions for each location - should not stand on the preparations somehow.  


YouTube has been rounded up several times on videos from the area, and the place names have been remembered.

The equipment is packed several days in advance, and now, the night before the evening has come - and tomorrow the trip goes from Bodø to Moskenes - a ferry trip of three and a half hours, before I arrive.


The weather forecasts are good, and it seems that the conditions will be good for my first attempt on Lofoten.

As soon as there is something to share from this journey, there will be updates on Facebook. See h2naturfoto for daily updates.

When the trip is well completed, an overview of photo locations and advice on current conditions will appear on this page, so stay tuned.


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