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From f... printer to Whaoo

Updated: May 26, 2022

Who has not scratched their heads in disappointment at the result coming back from the photo provider, or out of their own printer. - The picture does not look like on the screen at all. Many people stop there and accept the quality of the image as it is. It's a shame, when you know that the image has a greater potential.

Many people lose a little courage, maybe they try a new photo provider or make some adjustments before the next print. But rarely, in my experience, is the result the way you actually want it to be. Not until you really take action, and ensure that the result is the way you want it. It can only be solved with a high level of knowledge, and it requires effort. Hours of YouTube, courses and training to understand screen calibration and print settings. And when you thought you knew, you discover color space, soft proofing and ICC profiles. Along the way, you have also understood that paper quality has a great impact, and when you take a closer look at it, it is a world of its own.

No wonder most photographers just leave the whole print job alone, and accept that the result will be as it is. Rather take the blame them self, because the picture was not completely good in the first place - "so then it could not be any better". But that's just nonsense - because with good knowledge of image processing and print, you can really take a completely medium image to completely new heights. A picture on the wall that you are proud of and everyone gasps over. I promise, it's entirely possible - I have several examples of that in my own portfolio.

You're probably wondering how - and not least, what's the shortcut? So luckily - there are some shortcuts, and they are:

  1. The first is that you get in touch at or in the contact form on the website, and we will meet to print your photo together. I promis that you will learn a lot by participating in that process. Feel free to read a little more about print on H2 PRINT.

  2. The second is that you ask for a course in print in your own photo club or association, and I will give you a thorough training.

In any case, you will see that there is so much more in each picture than you have accepted so far, so I hope to hear from you.

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