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When David is Goliath

Updated: May 26, 2022

David is often known as the little boy who had to fight the giant Goliath. He fought and he won, but that David should become the giant himself - well, it has actually happened in a true fairy tale - the tale of David Yarrow. For that can safely be sayd about that guy, he has really experienced the adventure most photographers dream of. He is not only a professional, but he is to that extent a superstar among photographers. He has a name known throughout most of the world, and has so far sold pictures for over 300 MNOK.

When David now visits Norway for the third time, the last time was in 2019, it is again with an exhibition at Galleri Fineart in Oslo. The gallery he tells is his favorite gallery - of all, in fact all over the world. That is a bit of an advertisement, but all those present at this year's exhibition are well aware that the exhibitions here are of very high quality. It's September 23, and I'm on the first day of David Yarrow's show. Of course to meet him himself, and if I'm lucky get a little chat and maybe a picture. After all, he is the photographer I have seen most of on YouTube in recent years, and he has inspired me a lot in my interest in photography. It is especially his animal pictures that are particularly striking.

David says that he rarely uses a telephoto lens when he is photographing, it is preferably short focal lengths that give the expression he is looking for. As he goes on to say, it is in an attempt to get the subject close, and still have plenty of room for a background that gives depth and history to the image. With tele, the background disappears behind the subject, and if it is there, it becomes so blurry that it does not tell any story at all. David is keen to fill the picture with information. As he says it "everything in frame must have a meaning".

David has his team with him, a handful of bundles that help him succeed with his ideas. He makes no secret of the fact that his photos are well planned. Camera boxes, hides, remote controls, scenery, tame wolves and closed roads are things he talks about, and that contributes to the pictures being unique. There are also not a few cameras that have been sacrificed for the cause. Then it is easy to understand that he needs a team, and that it is no coincidence that he succeeds.

I can 't stop myself, so I ask if we can take a picture. "Off course sir" - he is the kindness himself, so then it became a memory for my life.

David is truly a Goliath - to me he is a role model in his way of sharing his story all the way, not only the pictures, but also how he offers himself and takes his time.

Again, I have a very high level of inspiration to try new things - shorter focal lengths and a little more planning.

So a little tip at the end - David comes with the following to us hopeful photographers in conclusion;

"Whats the most important is whats in front of, and behind the camera".

Great tip!

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