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Print - Fine Art Print

When you want your photos printed with the very highest quality, then Giclèe applies. Giclèe is an advanced high-quality form of print, used for you to exhibit or sell your photos.

Printing as a giclèe ensures the highest quality of print, and opens up a new market for photographers and artists, as you are given the opportunity to sell your work in the highest quality in several copies. Many people experience great interest in printing of this quality.


The method ensures museum quality with storage time of up to several hundred years. The quality is maintained through all steps in the process. Only acid-free and aging-resistant special paper is used, as well as the highest quality of inks and other preservatives used.


When printing your images, H2 optimizes your image for the media you want, and ensures that the print gets the colors, borders and expressions you are looking for. H2 recommends if desired paper and quality of the job, and you always know the price before the job starts.


During reproduction, the original work is photographed in its own studio, with high-quality photo and studio equipment, with images in 244 MP and a dynamic range of 15. This ensures the best quality of digital image, so that later prints are of the best quality and coincide in color with original. H2 works closely with the photographer / artist throughout the process.

If you need to print more photos, you should contact us for the best possible deal and price. See price list for print.

Printer Ink Sjekk
Here's how to print at H2

1. Digitization

H2 receives a digital file or carries out a professional photographing of original works with high-quality photographic equipment in its own studio.

2. Reconciliation

H2 agrees with you on the desired result and choice of media. Digital file is optimized and sample printed for evaluation of best result.

3. Printing

Gallery H2 presses Epson  twelve-color large format printer that provides reliable reproduction for professional results. 

4. Paper

Acid-free and aging-resistant paper from Hahnemühle, the most renowned manufacturer of art paper and canvas for digital printing, is used. 

5. Certificate

Gallery H2 issues a certificate for all its art productions. The certificate describes the process and quality of the product to verify the high quality. The certificate is stamped and signed by H2. Reproductions are also signed by the artist.

6. Signing

H2 ensures that all reproductions are signed and numbered, so that the artist gets the best possible order for his further sale.

7. Framing

Framing is by appointment. H2 makes its own frames, and offers frames from renowned frame makers.

8. Shipping

If the artist cannot pick up at H2, the pictures will be delivered upon shipment. Normally with the track Norway package. If the package is larger than this, Bring is used.

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