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Prices for print / giclee

Informasjonen om priser på denne siden gjelder for kunder som har egne bilder som skal printes, og for kunder som foretar avfotografering av kunst for reproduksjon hos H2.

All sizes are stated for the longest side of print.

Prices are per. piece, and is incl. VAT.

Prices include paper / canvas and print jobs, but not photography and file preparation for printing.

Photographing and preparation for print takes place at an hourly rate at kr 480,-.

All our prints are made on the Epson Surecolor SC-P7500, which is an absolutely market-leading printer with 12 colors.

Only original inks of the highest quality are used.

If desired, you can participate in the process through preparation, proofing and final printing of your image.

There may be some restrictions on this now in the pandemic, but get in touch if you want this.

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