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Our new municipality contains so much we do not think about in everyday life.

As much as most of us just take for granted and may not care at all. Nevertheless, we live in the middle of an eldorado for animal and bird life, with one of Europe's most beautiful wetland areas as the nearest neighbor.

In this project, I work to document the wonderful nature around us, to make us more aware of the values that lie in taking care of nature, and the near and dear.



Floating shed

A floating shelter provides a unique opportunity to be present among the waders on their terms. That is, the birds are not affected by my presence. When using the floating ball, I am often no more than a meter away from the birds, completely without their understanding that I am lying there, with the focus firmly attached.

That is exactly what I want to achieve as a nature photographer, to be present without animals and birds knowing that I am there. That's when I can really capture the beautiful moments. The moments that last, the moments that create memories, the moments that are worth taking care of.


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