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Here's how to proceed

  1. You do contact H2 via the contact form on the website, or e-mail: and tell us that you want help with reproduction or printing.

  2. In response to your inquiry, H2 will send you an email with a short form to complete regarding the original and choice for reproduction. The form is sent to .

  3. When H2 has received the completed form, you will receive a price offer. The offer is binding for H2 for 14 days. If the offer is not accepted by that time, a new offer must be given.

  4. If you accept the price offer, send us an answer to this at .

  5. H2 will then send you a confirmation with time for delivery.

  6. You supply original for H2.

  7. H2 informs about when the job is to be done, and you can have the opportunity to watch the process.

  8. H2 delivers the reproductions with certificates by agreement.

  9. You receive an invoice for the job together with the reproductions, or pay upon delivery at H2.

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