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Products and services I offer: 
  • portraits - baby, child, adult, couple, animal, etc.

  • promotion

  • photos for company presentation

  • profile pictures

  • product and advertising images

  • press photos

  • marketing / marketing materials

  • image bank

  • art images for exhibition in premises


  • all in digital image processing

  • visual company profile - profile manual

  • website design and development for finished websites

  • text writing for all purposes

  • powerpoint presentations and templates

Photo H2 - when photos matter.

For H2, it is important to create unique images. I always aim for the pictures to make the big difference, and bring out the best in you, your products or your company.

I take pictures of everything on all occasions, but I especially love product photography, advertising photography and portraits. In addition, I perform everything in photo animation and retouching, so that your website, information material or advertisement is perfect.


H2 has its own photo studio with backgrounds, flashes and special equipment for a professional result. H2 picks up the products from you and takes photos in his own studio, or comes out to an agreed location. H2 has portable equipment that can be easily brought to the location you want.

The pictures are delivered  for use on any surface or product.

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