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What is a viewing hour


In order for you as a customer to get to know H2, and for you to be absolutely sure that you make good choices, free and non-binding guidance time is given to all customers whenever they wish.

A viewing lesson can take place in the studio at Lørenfallet, with you, by phone or in a video conference. You decide.

What can you get answers to in a viewing lesson?

A viewing lesson is about what you are wondering about, so you are free to ask what you might want. If you just want an orientation about services and products, then you will be guided through this in a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions in a viewing lesson are:

  1. Can you take pictures of X too? - The answer is yes, within the limits of the law.

  2. Do I have to buy anything more than photography? - The answer is no.

  3. What should I wear? Answer: You choose it yourself, but often it is wise with complementary and soft colors. Further advice is given when it has been clarified a little more about the type of photography to be done.

  4. Do I have to bring anything special? - The answer is no, but some personal items often lift a picture.

  5. How long does Bizfoto store the photos? Answer: Normally 1 year, but by appointment longer. This is about your privacy, which I will take care of in the best way.

  6. How do I access the photos after shooting? Answer: You get to see the pictures while we take pictures. After shooting, you will be sent an e-mail link to a digital display solution that works on your phone, tablet and PC / mac.

  7. Do you take cards or Vipps? Answer: Yes, both.

  8. When do I pay? Private customers for photography, and companies receive invoices.

  9. How fast can print be delivered? Answer: Printouts can be delivered on the day, as Bizfoto has its own state-of-the-art large-format printing equipment.

  10. Does H2 sell finished photos with frames? Yes - according to your wishes. 

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