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Choice of paper and canvas types

The choice of paper / canvas is very important for how images appear in print. Good knowledge of different types of paper and the printing process is therefore absolutely crucial for the final result to be what you want. In our process, you get the opportunity to influence in this process, and you will see proofs on selected paper types before the final print is written. Contact us about your wishes in our contact form or by e-mail .

Below you will find a description of the most commonly used paper types. Several types of paper are in use, so if you have other wishes, we can deliver.

20.01.061 Vik strand.jpg

Hahnemühle Art Canvas Smooth

Hahnemûhle Art Canvas Smooth 370g is a matt canvas made from a mix of polyester and cotton. The canvas is natural white, without bleach. It has a light texture that makes the colors prominent and vibrant. Black is especially well taken care of. Art canvas smooth meets the highest requirements for aging resistance. It is flexible and well suited for mounting on a blind frame.

SKU 20.01.079 Beartalk.jpg

Rooster mill FineArt Baryta

FineArt Baryta 325g is a light white cellulose-based paper. It is inserted with a coating that gives it the best properties for printing fine art. This is a clear structure that gives the images a soft feeling of depth. The paper provides very high quality and is acid-free and aging-resistant. The paper is well suited for both black and white and color.

20.01.075 Sorgens-hjerte.jpg

Hannemüle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth

Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305g is a cotton-based paper that is especially soft and discreetly fine texture with a silky expression. The paper provides particularly good color reproduction down to the smallest detail. This is just as suitable for detailed photographs as for reproduction of paintings. The paper is acid-free and aging-resistant.

20.01.042 Reven i skogen

Hanemühle Goya Canvas

Goya Canvas 340g is a natural white cotton canvas dish with a distinct texture surface, which leaves a picturesque expression. The canvas creates an outstanding result for reproductions of art. The canvas is acid-free and aging-resistant, and is well suited for mounting on a blind frame.

19.01.004 River sum.jpg

Hanemühle FineArt Pearl

FineArt Pearl 285g is a white cellulose-based paper with a pearly structure, specially developed for fine art. The expression is very delicate, and gives a glossy effect. The paper reproduces details very well, and is therefore very suitable for colorful photographs and reproductions. The paper is acid-free and aging-resistant.

20.01.069 Veien til himmelen.jpg

Epson Fine Art Cotton Smooth Bright

Fine Art Cotton Smooth Bright 300g is a matt and acid-free art paper with a smooth surface. The paper is especially suitable for digital prints and reproductions. It is therefore often used by art and nature photographers due to a very detailed reproduction. For increased protection, the finished print can be protected with UV-resistant varnish, which gives a robust surface.

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