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Informasjonen om priser på denne siden gjelder for kunder som er fotografert av Foto H2 og ønsker å kjøpe bilder fra fotograferingen.
Bilder fra fotograferingen blir tilsendt som link i e-post og presenteres i egen løsning. Se informasjon om bestilling av bilder.

Digital files


Digital files are delivered without the signature of a photographer.

Digital files can be used freely for the customer's own use.


Small digital file

The pictures are in jpg and 1500 px longest page. The images are well suited for social media and for printing up to A4 size. ​


Large digital file

The images are in jpg and at least 4000 px longest page. The images are very well suited for print and enlargement.


For very large enlargements (over 70 cm), the file size must be increased from the original, and Bizfoto must do this job on request. Price NOK 990, - per picture delivered digitally.

Print on paper and canvas


Print on paper and canvas is delivered in the highest quality from the market-leading 12-color large format printer. Only original pigment inks, paper and canvas from market-leading suppliers are used.



Framing in standard photo frame with standard glass is delivered in the colors; black, white, silver and oak. Passpartout is delivered in the desired color and design.

For canvas pictures, blind frames are supplied - that is, the frame to which the canvas is attached and which is not visible.

Foto H2 delivers frames in several sizes and qualities, just get in touch.
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