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The dream of Kannesteinen

Updated: May 26, 2022

It has been several years since I saw the first picture of Kannesteinen, and I have since then worked with the idea that one day, I will have to take the trip to Måløy. It's just that it's quite a long trip, 112 miles to photograph a rock, so it has taken some time to establish the holiday plans so that this has fit in. But this year, the second year with pandemic and Norwegian holidays, everything was ready for a 5 day trip to Måløy.

By Henning Harsem

To ensure good conditions, the trip was planned for a long time. Kannesteinen is quite high, and at low tide you can walk around the stone with a good margin. The trip was therefore planned to be at a tidal phase that gave high water, and the photography took place at high tide.

To get the smoothest and best light, sunrise was preferable now in July. This was also important to ensure that the place was not full of other people, who would like to climb and photograph on Kannesteinen. For 3 days in a row I was by the stone morning and evening to get the best light. For several hours I stood with water to my hips to get low enough to achieve the right angle in anticipation of light and water level. No one had to come to take the best place. A lot of effort for pictures of a rock, but you world - it's a holiday then.

Kannesteinen in morning lights - For sale in Galleri H2 -

Kannesteinen in daylights - For sale in Galleri H2 -

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